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Let the app find highly compatible matches for you.

No browsing or searching of databases.

Selfie-videos to expedite screening

Save time. No surprises. No frustrations.

Checks to ensure only genuine members.

No fake profiles

Matching by Relationship Traits

(besides the usual bio stuff)
Compatibility in stuff that really matters in life.

Friends Help Each Other

Make it easy for your network to help you.
Non-intrusive. Not awkward. No obligations.

Lots of time & frustration saving features

Selfie-videos, Traits, Bio, Match Alerts, Friends & More

Expect fewer but better quality matches

Know each other really well before you choose to meet

Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

No browsing of profiles, No Searching of profiles. Your profile visible to only those who match you. Your selfie-video shown only to those you "like".

Family & friends can now be helpful

Identify traits. Suggest matches.
Non-Intrusive. Not awkward. No obligations.


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