Matrimonial app that is uniquely designed for Indian singles & Indian families

Posted on Monday, May 8, 2017

Elizibles:  Do Indian singles & Indian families need an Indian matrimonial app that adapts to Indian culture?

Most of the popular shaadi sites/apps in India adopt philosophies used by western dating sites/apps and hence fail miserably in connecting people effectively and efficiently.  They simply fail to recognize the fundamental difference between finding dates and finding a life partner or even role of friends & family in the search process.  As a result, they are built with algorithms that are very broad & match all kinds of people, that they leave out friends & family completely, that have shallow focus on looks and swipes, and that they breed fake accounts & lack sincerity. It’s about time for an app that’s designed for Indian families keeping in mind needs of Indian singles. 

Introducing Elizibles:

Elizibles is a new smartphone app that is designed by Indians and for Indians, using latest technologies of smartphones, innovative matching algorithms that match personality traits – stuff that really matters in a life partner, & brilliant way of involving your best resource – your friends & family – in a non-intrusive way.  Elizibles is just the right app for Indian singles and Indian families who have loved ones seeking marriage partners.


Distinguishing features:

  1. Match making by bio as well as personality traits:  Most apps match by bio (e.g. education, age, religion etc.) and Elizibles does that too.  However, Elizibles also matches users by Personality traits.  For example, do you like a partner who enjoys outdoor activities or is a movie buff? Is a status conscious or value conscious? Is a book smart or a street smart? Is a spender or thrifty? Is life of a party or a quiet intellectual? Etc.  Research has identified 38 pairs of such traits that affect your relationship.    Elizibles connects you with people who match your desires (and vice versa).
  2. Non-intrusive involvement of friends & family in your search:   Most matrimonial apps leave out friends & family completely, a case of poorly adopting western philosophies in Indian culture.  Elizibles considers your friends & family as your most valuable resource.  Your friends & family can introduce you to their friends & families as well as identify your personality traits in the app without creating any awkwardness or without being intrusive.  You benefit from their involvement without the burden of unwelcomed intrusiveness.
  3. Selfie-Videos:  Focus on just looks and swipes is not the right approach for finding a life partner.  Elizibles mandates short selfie-videos from every member.  Selfie-videos are self-expressions of who the person is.  These videos convey much more than just the pictures.  These videos eliminate all unpleasant surprises when you first meet the matched person.  These videos also eliminate fake accounts, which plague most matrimonial apps and sites.
  4. Confidentiality:  Elizibles understands utmost need for discreetness.  Your profile is not visible to any visitor of the app including your friends & family.  It’s visible only to members who meet your desires for personality traits & bio.  Your selfie-video is even more restricted.  It’s visible only to people who not only match with you but also are liked by you. 
  5. Save time & frustrations:  This app is full of features that save you time & frustrations in your search process.  There is no browsing of databases, no search for suitable matches, no fake accounts, no unexpected personalities & so on.   You get alerts only when suitable matches are found.  So, just set up your profile once & the app will do the rest.


Availability and Pricing

The app is readily available for IOS and Android smartphone users aged 20 years and above. If you are an Android user, you need to have an operating system of 4.0.3 and above to ensure compatibility.

It’s free for life for first 1000 members.   It’s also free for all for the first 90 days of membership.   You may then opt for three-month subscription for $49.99.

It is available on google play store and IOS market through the following links.


Google Play store:

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