Should the matrimonial apps be about Quantity or Quality?

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2017


Elizibles - Quality over Quantity, a refreshing change in matrimonial apps.

For most matrimonial apps in the market today, the match making algorithms are very broad and hence connecting you to a large number of people who may be far from what you are seeking as a life partner, leading to waste of time & emotions, serious frustrations & many unpleasant surprises. These algorithms are designed with a belief that finding a life partner is a numbers game where more is better.  We disagree.

We believe finding a life partner is about ensuring compatibility – compatibility in values, education, personality traits, core beliefs & much more.  So, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality of matches.  Welcome to Elizibles – a new matrimonial app for choosey people who hate wasting time & emotions and value compatible relationships. 

Elizibles uses a highly comprehensive matching algorithm that matches not just core bio (e.g. education, religion, age etc.) but also matches personality traits that you are seeking in your partner (& vice versa).  This innovative algorithm yields few but highly compatible matches, saving time & frustrations.

Elizibles further improves quality of its matches for you by facilitating your most promising resource, your family & friends, to introduce you to high potential matches in a non-intrusive & a friendly way.  Friends & family can also identify user’s personality traits, from a comprehensive pre-defined list, and thereby further improving quality of matches.

In addition, Elizibles mandates selfie-videos from every member, which conveys much more than still pictures. Again, an innovative way to minimize unpleasant surprises when you meet your match in person.

And, finally, Elizibles values your confidentiality.  Your profile is seen only by the people who match your desires for personality & bio.  Your selfie-video is only seen by people who you have approved.  Friends & family have no access to your profile & cannot intrude. 

The app is developed by InnovativeApps LLC and is currently deployed in Gurgaon to serve its busy professionals. 


Features of the app

Personality Traits – A comprehensive study has identified 38 pairs of traits that affect your relationship with your partner.  Traits are just traits, not necessarily good or bad.  Elizibles focuses on finding you prospective partners based on compatibility between your traits, traits you desire in your partner, traits of other users, and traits they desire in their partners.  Friends & family can identify member’s traits and thereby further sharpening quality of matches.

Selfie-Videos - Every member is mandated to have a short Selfie-video which can be viewed by others only if they are approved by the member.  These Selfie-videos provide significant insights into members before you even meet them in person, saving you time & frustrations.  As a side benefit, these selfie-videos also get rid of fake accounts, a major challenge for all other matrimonial apps.

An alert system – Elizibles does not want you to waste your time searching thru databases or browsing for prospective matches.  The app runs the matching algorithm 24*7 in background and automatically connects you with prospective partners with alerts


Benefits of using the app

Values, not just Looks:  We know you are seeking one life partner, not a bucket full of friends.  We know compatibility of values is important to you.   We help you find that one right person.

No surprises - The selfie-videos provide deep insights about the prospective partners.  These selfie-videos play a very significant role in eliminating unpleasant surprises or worse getting excited about fake users.

Time & frustrations savings - This app is entirely focused on two things – finding you most compatible partners and saving time & frustrations thru the process.  

Easy to Use – It’s simple.  It’s intuitive.  It takes just 2 mins to set up the profile & then it’s worry-free alert based use only.

Availability and Pricing

The app is readily available for IOS and Android smartphone users aged 20 years and above. If you are an Android user, you need to have an operating system of 4.0.3 and above to ensure compatibility.

It’s free for life for first 1000 members.   It’s also free for all for the first 90 days of membership.   You may then opt for three-month subscription for $49.99.

It is available on google play store and IOS market through the following links.



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